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The American Homestay Inc. integrates our international expertise with our refined administration and operations management systems to ensure that each homestay experience is a safe, enjoyable, and enriching experience for both hosts and students. The variety of services provided through our organization is the top in the industry and includes a thorough background check on each host, an emergency service hotline that is professionally staffed all day and night, online payment services, required online student and host orientation training, and professional airport transportation services—all managed through our web-based information system for students and hosts.

How Our Homestays Work

Using specific information gathered from both host and student, American Homestay Inc. matches each student with a the best suited host family.  We look at a variety of factors including proximity to the student’s school, available public and private transportation, and overall compatibility with the host family. The host provides the student with a private bedroom and an agreed upon meal plan. The host also helps the student in learning the local customs, banking, medical and transportation systems.  Host includes the student in family activities that will help the student become integrated into the American lifestyle. Students will be encouraged to share information about their home cultures and countries. Our hosts also enjoy the opportunity of a unique cultural experience.

Host’s Compensation

Homestay fees vary depending on accommodation, meal plan and location. Each visiting student pays a homestay fee to American HomeStay cover management and supervision of their stay, emergency hotline support services, translation services, and airport transportation services. We pay the hosts to cover day-to-day food and accommodation expenses. Hosts get paid revery two weeks while hosting a student.

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