Find a supportive and enriching homestay family to live with while you study in Southern California.

We specialize in South Orange County California and offer the highest standard of trained and welcoming hosts.

Why we are the best choice for your American Homestay

Our homestay network puts the highest priority on placing students in top quality, safe and well managed homestay family environments. We carefully select our homestay hosts to ensure that our students are in comfortable homes where they can excel in social and academic experiences while becoming fully integrated in the American culture.

Our Homestay Program Includes

  • Homestay supervision and support throughout the homestay experience
  • Student support services including banking, interpretation, medical, and transportation
  • Thorough criminal background checks for hosts
  • Thorough interview process for students
  • Comprehensive online training and orientation for hosts and students
  • Professionally staffed emergency hotline available anytime day or night
  • Automated online payment services for students and hosts

Verified and Welcoming Hosts

Our staff conducts extensive criminal background checks, thorough in-home interviews and home inspections for our hosts. We have a refined student/host matching service. Our staff matches each student with a complementary host family located near the student’s school. We offer students a variety of services to help them enjoy their stay.

Caring Hosts

Our hosts are genuinely interested in having a student live with their family.   Host families will provide a private bedroom with a desk and an agreed upon meal plan for each student. Hosts will assure that students understand the local transportation, financial, and medical systems.  Hosts will also provide opportunities to enjoy American culture and gain a thorough understanding of the American way of life. Many hosts and students become life-long friends.

Best Value

California is one of the most expensive places in America to live.  Our beautiful beaches, enjoyable weather year-round, and our international community sets  us apart from most other areas of America.  The student homestay pricing is specific to the cost of living and services made available in our area. We offer the best value for international students. Our students feel welcome in their new city and they adjust well and quickly to their new homes.

Apply now for the best homestay network in America!

Contact us today for the best homestay experiences in theSouthern California.

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